NortWest Sheds


Building Features

Solid Wood Construction (No Particle Board Used)

Double Doors, 48” Wide

All Door Hardware Included, Featuring 6 Ft. Aluminum Hinges

2x4s 2 Ft. on Center for Wall Studs and Rafters

2x4 Floor Joist, Spaced 1 Ft. on Center

4x4 Pressure Treated Skids Under All Buildings

Self-Sealing Shingles in Your Choice of Black, Brown, or Grey

5/8’ T1-11 Exterior Siding

1/2” CDX Plywood Floors and Roof Deck

Competitive Pricing

Ready To Paint

Fast Year-Round Service

Free Delivery Within Limited Mileage Radius

Limited Warranty

NW Sheds uses carefully selected materials in each building. Therefore, we can offer a warranty on each unit for two years against manufacturing defects and workmanship. In accepting this warranty, the customer agrees to paint and caulk the building, including the doors, within 30 days after construction. The customer agrees to keep vegetation down around the building to allow air to circulate underneath the building. Caulking should also be applied.

NW Sheds reserves the right to repair or replace any portion of a shed found to be defective. We cannot be held responsible for abuse or "acts of God."

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Feel free to contact us if you need more information about our storage and garden sheds. You can place your order now, but please be reminded that prices may change without notice.

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